On this page I’ll be putting a link for each coding challenge tutorial as they become available. If you have not yet done the setup required to use scriptcraft, follow the steps below under the GETTING STARTED WITH SCRIPTCRAFT heading – those steps will guide you through getting setup so you are ready to start coding. Once you have everything setup, you can start trying out the different code-challenges as they become available.

Note: the JavaScript coding can be done in any text editor, but not all code/text editors are created equal. For either PC or Mac, I recommend: Visual Studio Code.

Here is the link for the first tutorial:


Don’t have everything you need to get started with ScriptCraft yet? What are you waiting for? Below is everything you need to get started using JavaScript to create your own mods on your own Minecraft server!

Each step below starts with a link to a page that gives specific instructions for that step. Once you successfully follow the instructions for each step, return here and move to the next step. Good luck & have fun programming Minecraft in JavaScript!

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Install Minecraft Java Edition from
    • If you already have Minecraft Java Edition, just make sure you’re running the latest version (v1.12.2 at the time I wrote this), and you’re good!
    • NOTE: The Windows 10 version of Minecraft is not what we want, only use the Java Edition of Minecraft.

Step 3:

  • Install SpigotMC
    • SpigotMC is a version of the Minecraft server which makes it easy to create and use your own server plugins & mods.
    • This step may take a little while to complete, several things need to get downloaded & built, but thankfully it is all done auto-magically for you.

Step 4:

  • Download the ScriptCraft plugin, and save it to the plugins folder.
    • Now that the SpigotMC server is installed, you’ll find you have a ‘plugins’ folder – this is where you’ll need to place the ScriptCraft plugin once you’ve downloaded it.
    • The link above is a direct link to the latest version of the ScriptCraft plugin. However, if the link does not work because the address has changed, you can always visit this page to get the latest version.

Step 5:

  • Testing time!
  • If you made it this far successfully, congrats! You are now ready to get started programming your own Minecraft server mods using JavaScript!
  • Now, to verify that you are indeed all set, try the following test:
    • Launch the SpigotMC server, just as you did at the end of Step 3.
    • Launch your Minecraft Java Edition client.
    • Choose ‘Multiplayer’ and add a new server, give it whatever name you like, and set it’s address to: localhost – like so:
My ScriptCraft / SpigotMC Server

My ScriptCraft / SpigotMC Server

  •  If it fails to connect at first, just relaunch one more time and you should be OK.
  • Once connected to your server, look at any block on ground level, and hit the ‘/’ or ‘T’ to enter a command in Minecraft (just like when you set time etc.), your command should look like this:
/js up().box(, 4, 9, 1 )

You should see a massive wall of black wool get created auto-magically. If so, you are ready to start creating your own stuff using JavaScript / ScriptCraft that you can test out in your SpigotMC server!

Have fun!

Happy Coding!


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  1. I did everything you said, but for some reason I get the error ” [scriptcraft] No JavaScript Engine available. ScriptCraft will not work without Javascript.” when I try to run any js commands with scriptcraft. also I can’t connect to localhost server

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