Installing SpigotMC

Installing SpigotMC is easy, but takes a little while to run, and should not be interrupted once started. So do this step when you know you have at least 30 minutes to get it done. Below are the steps you’ll need to follow to install the SpigotMC server on your PC or mac:

NOTE: you need to already have the Java JDK 8 installed on your machine to complete this step. If you have not already done so, first follow these instructions, and then return here to complete this step.

  • Create a new folder named: SpigotMC somewhere on your computer.
  • Download the file: BuildTools.jar to the folder you created.
  • Open a command prompt (‘Terminal’ on a mac)
  • Set the command line prompt to the directory you created using the ‘cd’ command. Here’s an example of doing that for a folder named SpigotMC, if it were created in the root of drive c:
cd c:\SpigotMC
  • Now that the command prompt (terminal on a mac) is pointed to your SpigotMC folder, you are ready to launch the BuildTools.jar file you downloaded. You do this by entering the following command in the command prompt:
java -jar BuildTools.jar
  • This will launch a process in the command prompt (terminal) which may take several minutes, and will display a whole bunch of messages as it progresses.
  • Let this process run until it has completed. If it pauses during the process…do not stop it or close the window…let it sit there running until it is finally done, and the command prompt returns to it’s default prompt.
  • Once completed there will be a new file beginning with ‘spigot’ and ending in ‘.jar’ in the folder you created where BuildTools.jar is located, along with a bunch of other files and folders that were created by the process.
  • using your command prompt (which should still be pointed to the folder you’re working in as explained above), run the spigot file using the following command:
java -jar spigot-1.12.2.jar

NOTE: at the time of this writing the spigot jar file was at v1.12.2, so your command to run it should use the name: spigot-1.12.2.jar. If the version has changed, like for example, if the spigot jar file you get is version 1.13.1, then simply use that name in place of the one shown in the command above.

Example – for a spigot file whose version is 1.13.1, your command would look like this:

java -jar spigot-1.13.1.jar
  • After entering the command to run the spigot file, the SpigotMC server should launch, and will then immediately shut down because you now need to accept the end user license agreement by modifying another file which was also downloaded: eula.txt
  • Find the ‘eula.txt’ file in the folder, open it in any text editor…




  • Save the change. This is how you accept the license agreement. Now that you have done so by saving that change to the eula.txt file, you can launch the server again using the same command as before:
java -jar spigot-1.12.2.jar
  • This time the SpigotMC server should run without stopping.
  • You should see a  bunch of server startup messages in the command prompt (terminal), something which once done, looks like this:
SpigotMC Minecraft Server launched from the command prompt (Terminal on a mac)

SpigotMC Minecraft Server launched from the command prompt (Terminal on a mac)


You are now ready to install the ScriptCraft plugin to the plugins folder of the SpigotMC server. Good luck!

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