CEFSharp – The best .NET / WPF web browser control, no contest I say!

CEFSharp is a port to .NET (and to WPF as well) of the Chromium Embedded Framework by Per Lundberg.

Per Lundberg

The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is a simple framework for embedding Chromium-based browsers in other applications. It is a BSD-licensed open source project founded by Marshall Greenblatt in 2008 and based on the Google Chromium project.

I am astonished at how well done it is actually. I have wrangled with a few others out there in my attempt to have a good browser for the WPF apps I create, but I have always ended up chopping down the scope of how the browser helped the app, and gone with the WPF WebBrowser control, because the others I have tried were a real pain to implement and use. Not so with CEFSharp. I was amazed at how quickly I was using it in an application and painlessly bending and folding it to my particular needs! I already have a growing list of at least 3 applications I will put it to use in…finally…wow. What seemed insurmountable is suddenyl possible…thanks Per! Really, thanks!

Major kudos go to Per Lundberg and the contributors on this project. I think they’ve done a great service to the .NET/WPF community, and I hope they receive all the attention and compensation they deserve for putting this out there on Guthib for all to download and debug-through.

May He bless the work of your hands Per!