Everything just changed (again)

The following fact, determined empirically, is a discrete and yet extremely disruptive piece of information:  The decay of radioactive isotopes fluctuates in synch with the rotation of the sun’s core! The simple fact is, if neutrinos, or some undiscovered particle are responsible for a variable decay rate, everything we have believed about radiometric dating is in question! The question remains: how much? Can we even hope to somehow determine this? After all, what can we really say about the history of the influx of neutrinos (or whatever it is thats responsible) into the earth/moon system since time imemmorial?


This concept is relied upon, for example, when anthropologists use carbon-14 to date ancient artifacts and when doctors determine the proper dose of radioactivity to treat a cancer patient.

Consider the following statement from Ephraim Fischbach: “The fluctuations we’re seeing are fractions of a percent and are not likely to radically alter any major anthropological findings” …now this may be true, if you are only watching only one source; the sun’s core. However, things get even hairier when you also take this into account: The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements.

So once again, in some fundamental area, we are being forced to overturn previously held “beliefs” about the universe. As Peter Sturrock, professor emeritus of applied physics put it: “Everyone thought it must be due to experimental mistakes, because we’re all brought up to believe that decay rates are constant”. It is an exciting time to be alive, watching these discoveries unfold!